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Gabriel Lima

CEO/Founder - FireWave Interactive


My name is Gabriel Lima and I’m a full-stack, game and minecraft bedrock addon developer or just someone who likes to tinker with technology, wishing to create fun, innovative, and quality experiences!

My goal is to either start my own studio or work for an established company!

My main language is Brazilian Portuguese, but on the internet I often use English.

Since I was a child, I have been passionate about technology. I have experience with technology since 2018 until now.

I am currently working at FireWave Interactive and Kolpa Technologies.

Minecraft Dev

I’m passionate with Minecraft since I can remember. And I also love making fun and quality content for Minecraft Bedrock also, My best projects is Project Walker and Aplok Guns
I already had experiences creating Java mods for Minecraft JE, JavaScript mods for Minecraft PE, and currently I make add-ons for Minecraft BE with JSON, JavaScript and MoLang (Mojang’s fictional ingame-language).

I am enthusiast about making addons, and I can prove it!

Game Dev

I’ve had several experiences with Game Engines; But my favorite is Godot Engine, as it’s very lightweight and essential for my games.
Btw, I have a lot of experience in coding game engine backend systems, like ECS, NS, Math, Geometry, Shaders and OpenGL.

Android Dev

I really like Android, that’s why I work on projects that run on it/with it often, most of the time I use Java.
I always wanted to create my own app, with a unique idea, or at least a unique design.

The problem is, I don’t have many ideas. That’s why I’m just trying out some cool libraries or reading docs.

Web Dev

I love making static websites for their simplicity and lightness, isn’t that right? I have pretty good taste in web design with both CSS and SCSS.
Sometimes I use frameworks, but I’m not a big fan of this for my personal projects, I hate use a lot of unnecessary libs, features, so I love doing everything from scratch!

All sites related to me or my company have been designated by me such as: FireWave Interactive and Kolpa Technologies.